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22 year old CLAIRE a Landmark DevOps Engineer Graduate now making over $500,000/yr

Mbarika, a 22-YEAR-OLD Landmark Graduate, now DEVOPS ENGINEER just 8 MONTHS OF ARRIVING IN CANADA

Yan, with 50 Landmark graduates, gets multiple DevOps job offers b4 graduation.

Paul now making $380,000/yr after 6 months DevOps training at Landmark Technologies

Ola joins Landmark DevOps Engineer Graduates now making up to $700,000/yr in 2023

US couple among 70 Landmark DevOps Engineers hired in 2021 making up to $360,000.

Georges, Sunny, Cresence, Femi, Agbor and Fru join Over 65 Landmark Enginee making up to $360,000/yr